"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Dixon Academy programs include a balance of: child initiated, teacher-directed, large group, small group, indoor, outdoor and quiet activities throughout the day.


At Dixon Academy our infant/toddler pre-school and afterschool programs focus on developing communications skills, thinking skills, social/emotional skills and physical skills.  The result – children enjoy the self-confidence and problem solving they need for learning success in a safe, supportive, nurturing and encouraging environment. 

Infant Curriculum

The first year of a child’s life is a very important one and at Dixon Academy we recognize that.  The infant program emphasizes a nurturing environment, introducing babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language, body awareness and motor control.  This is just the beginning of a lifetime of experiences.  The teachers provide a flexible schedule that offers activities both inside and outside that help to enhance the child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development.  Teachers use tummy time for the children as time for one on one interaction that allows for individualized development areas to be focused on.  The teachers take time to read with each of our infants helping them build a love of reading.  Early reading experiences help to ensure successful students later in life.  Each child receives a daily note giving a full account of his/her day and any needs that they may have.

Toddler and Two's Curriculum
Busy, busy, busy…that is the only way to explain a toddler.  Toddlers are ready to experience a whole new world through exploration.  They are striving for independence, social development and language skills.  Dixon Academy encourages this growth through a variety of hands on developmentally appropriate activities.  The children receive a flexible schedule that includes small group activities, indoor and out door activities, sensory activities and free play time.  At this stage, literacy and language become a major emphasis.  Teachers engage the children in a variety of reading experiences both individually and as a group.  They work with the children to build vocabulary by encouraging them to name pictures and recall stories.  Our teachers include music and movement into the daily schedule encouraging the children to participate and experience sounds from around the world.  Finger plays and simple songs are important ways for children to learn new vocabulary and pronunciation skills.  All children receive a daily note that gives an account of the child’s day, activities and any needs that he/she may have.

Pre-school Curriculum

We are almost “Big” and ready to be challenged.  Our program fosters socialization and creativity while developing a love of learning in a warm and secure environment.  Preschoolers are involved in a host of developmentally appropriate daily activities in all areas of learning.  Age appropriate activities are set up in the play centers to encourage exploration and learning.  Blocks, Art and Dramatic play areas are geared towards social skills and creative expression, while the Science, Math and Writing centers are geared towards fine motor skills, problem solving and logical thinking.  Teachers offer hands on activities in art, science, math and cooking.  Their schedules supply ample time for free play, outdoor time and literacy readiness.  Lesson plans geared around the children’s interest help to develop decision making and problem solving skills.  The teachers engage the children in many small and large group activities that help to teach cooperative learning and social skills.  Music and movement activities are used to help the children learn new vocabulary, rhyming, and coordination skills.  The children are involved in a daily reading program that encourages a love of reading, parent participation and gets them prepared for assignments from school.  Daily notes are given to each child outlining their day, the activities, needs and upcoming events.  

Before/After School Programs

Our afterschool program provides a rich learning environment full of hands on activities and materials.  We offer time for the children to complete homework, with teachers available to give assistance and guidance if needed.  The teachers take time to read with the children encouraging them to work on new vocabulary and concepts.  Our schedules provide time for activities both inside and outside so that the children get ample time for active play at the end of the day.