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Infant Program

Dixon Academy recognizes that the first year of a child’s life is important. The Infant program emphasizes a safe nurturing environment, introducing our babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language, body awareness and motor control. Here at Dixon Academy, we offer the Creative Curriculum for infants. Teachers will provide children with the opportunity to develop secure attachments with the use of developmentally appropriate resources that allow them to gain confidence as learners.
Dixon Academy provides a flexible schedule that offers activities both inside and outside that help to enhance the child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Teachers use tummy time for the children as a time for one-on-one interactions that allow for individualized development areas to be focused on. Our educators take time to read with each of our infants helping them build a love of reading. Early reading experiences help to ensure successful students later in life.
We stay connected to our families through our ProCare system which allow teachers to inform parents daily of diaper changes, nap time, eating times, developmental milestones, photos, and any needs that they may have.
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