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Preschool Program

We are almost “Big” and ready to be challenged. Our program fosters socialization and creativity while developing a love of learning in a warm and secure environment. Preschoolers are involved in a host of developmentally appropriate daily activities in all areas of learning. Age-appropriate activities are set up in the play centers to encourage exploration and learning. Blocks, art, and dramatic play areas are geared towards social skills and creative expression, while the science, math and writing centers are geared towards fine motor skills, problem solving and logical thinking. Teachers offer hands on activities in art, science, math, and cooking. Their schedules supply ample time for free play, outdoor time, and literacy readiness. Lesson plans geared around the children’s interests help to develop decision making and problem-solving skills. The teachers engage the children in many small and large motor activities that help to teach cooperative learning and social skills. Music and movement activities are used to help the children learn new vocabulary, rhyming, and coordination skills.
The children in this age group are active participants in their learning and work with the teachers on exploring topics of study through the Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers. Children make choices regarding which learning center activities to work on and for how long. Independent study and exploration occur as frequently as group discussions and activities.
The children are involved in a daily reading program that encourages a love of reading. Parents participate and get them prepared for assignments from school. Staying connected is important at Dixon Academy. Through the ProCare system we are able to keep you informed of all the happening here daily through notes and photos of your child’s day.
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